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Our Dog Grooming School in New Jersey

If you enjoy working with dogs and have a creative side, our dog grooming school in New Jersey might be the right fit for you. Pet grooming allows you to form long-term ties with clients and pet dogs.

Become a dog groomer today and learn to use various pet grooming tools. Our curriculum also teaches you to groom dogs properly while maintaining a calm, relaxing environment. When you join our dog grooming school, you will learn all of this and more.

Enrollment in the Professional Dog Groomer Certification Program requires each student to be at least 18 years of age and physically groom a dog. A High School diploma or GED is required.

The student must demonstrate the ability to read and comprehend English.

Most of the material will be learned via hands-on experience, and physical ability is critical. For a Student to successfully continue a career as a dog groomer, they must have the ability to work with both hands and stand up.

The Director or Co-Director interviews the applicant to discuss the program requirements and content and the student’s reason for applying to the School. A tour of the facility will be given; tuition and payment requirements will be discussed at this time. If you are interested, call us now!

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