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Clip Shoppe School of Dog Grooming is committed to teaching the highest level of quality grooming skills to Students wishing to pursue a career as a professional groomer. Our main objective within our 420 hour Professional Dog Groomer Certificate Program is to help Students learn the essential elements to become a finished groomer and quickly begin a paid career working as a professional dog groomer.

Students, upon request, will also receive assistance in training for a career such as mobile grooming, or opening their own business.

The Professional Dog Groomer Certificate Program curriculum includes a combination of lectures, instructor demonstrations, videos, and hands-on training. The major elements of instruction of the Professional Dog Groomer Certificate Program include:

Health / Safety
a. Handling and Control
b. Intake and Assessment
c. First Aid
d. Sanitation

Grooming Equipment
a. Identifying Your Tools and Proper Utilization
b. Grooming Table and Tub
c. Clipper and Equipment Maintenance

Grooming Basics & Techniques
a. Grooming Basics
b. Bathing Techniques
c. Drying Methods
d. Brushing / Clipping Techniques

Grooming All Breeds
a. Anatomy and Conformation
b. Pattern Placement and Styling

Management / Ownership
a. Customer Relations
b. Shop Operations
c. Pricing
d. Record Keeping
e. Personnel Management
f. Advertising

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